Staying Cool
Staying Cool

Just Venting: Why Ventilation in Your Home Matters

The topic of ventilation has been more and more prevalent in conversation since the rise ...
Staying Cool

A fresh and healthy climate at home? That’s how you arrange it!

Air pollution in the home is a common problem. Especially in times when relatively many ...
Staying Cool

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat While Using Portable Cooling Units

Central air conditioning is the most expensive cooling option on the market, which is why ...
Staying Cool

Staying Cool during the Covid-19 Pandemic Part 2: Indoors

Under pressure from hundreds of scientists worldwide, the World Health Organization ...
Staying Cool

Staying Cool Outdoors during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A guide for restaurants, hotels, schools, and outdoor gatherings

Over the last six months, the WHO and CDC have continued to evolve their recommendations ...
Staying Cool

Boost Your Productivity with the Right Home Office Set up

Now working from has become more and more common due to the pandemic, you've likely ...
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