Energy-efficient cooling in the house for summer days

Honeywell introduces the new air cooler CS10PEI, the energy-efficient brother of the CS10XE, which has been popular for years. It consumes even less energy, is more powerful and has an ionizer for cleaner air in the house as an additional function. The device is an air cooler, fan and humidifier in one and has been given a modern design update.

Honeywell CS10PEI Aircooler: more energy efficient than its predecessor and equipped with an ionizer

The mobile CS10PEI provides natural cooling: you fill the removable reservoir with cold water and the air cooler blows invigorating, cool air into the room. It provides a fresh breeze in the bedroom, office, nursery or playroom.

Much more energy efficient than an air conditioner
An air cooler is a great alternative to an air conditioner. It consumes much less energy so that cooling remains affordable when energy costs rise. It is also an environmentally friendly option because, unlike an air conditioner, it uses no refrigerant.

Two more advantages: with an air cooler, the window can simply remain open for ventilation, which is important for a healthy climate in the house. And the temperature difference between inside and outside is smaller (maximum 6°C), which prevents cold complaints if you walk in and out a lot.

An air cooler cools better than a fan thanks to the water vapor and is also a welcome solution if there is dry, irritating air in the house. It is also an excellent alternative for cooling off outside, on a terrace or balcony. If you already have a central air conditioning system, an air cooler can also be useful because you can cool in a targeted manner.


Cleaner air quality
The CS10PEI’s new ionizer helps reduce airborne particulates, promoting cleaner air quality. In addition, it also has a carbon dust filter, so that particles and odors are not blown out again into the cool air.

You operate the CS10PEI via the beautifully illuminated LED control panel or the handy remote control. With this you choose one of the four speed settings or the fan setting if you want less cold air. The powerful air cooler has a power of 85 watts.

The air cooler is equipped with an extra large water reservoir of 10 liters, so you don’t have to top it up often. You can also add ice packs or ice cubes for extra cooling. The water tank is removable for easy maintenance.

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IMPORTANT: All our products are EU plug type C.

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