It’s no fun
being a hot dog

Help your pet stay cool this summer

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increase in temperature
can cause heatstroke



the time in which heatstroke
can cause death



of pets diagnosed with
heatstroke do NOT recover

Did you know?

It’s not always fun in the sun for your four-legged friend.
Know your facts for a safe, happy pet this summer.

Pets don’t sweat

Dogs cool off by panting to
evaporate moisture
through their tongues.

Stay alert

Heatstroke can cause organ failure
and death within minutes.

Who’s at risk?

Breeds with short muzzles, double coats, and thick fur are extra sensitive to heat.

Take extra care

Very old, young, overweight, and sick pets are at higher risk of heatstroke.

Heatstroke kills

Know the signs,
protect your pet.

Emergency First Aid for Heatstroke

Every minute matters when it comes to saving your pet’s life.
Here are some immediate steps to help your furry companion.

Bring your pet to a cool, shaded
area with a fan or air cooler


Place a damp towel under his stomach and sprinkle him with cool (never cold!) water


Ensure that he drinks small
amounts of water at short intervals

IMPORTANT: Heatstroke requires immediate medical attention. Call your vet and rush your pet to the hospital if needed.

Natural fresh cooling for your pet

Keep your furry friends cool, happy, and safe this summer with our insanely
powerful, cost-efficient indoor and outdoor Air Coolers.

Suggested models

Handpicked Air Coolers for your pet
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Honeywell TC09PCE Evaporative Aircooler front

Honeywell TC09PCE Evaporative Aircooler

Best deal at:
  • Model: TC09PCE
  • Airflow: 300 M3/H
  • Room size: 10 m2
  • Room size: 10 m3
  • Tank size: 9 L
  • Dehum capacity: - L per day
  • Tank size: 9 L
  • BTU: -
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Honeywell CS10XE Evaporative Aircooler front

Honeywell CS10XE Evaporative Aircooler

  • Model: CS10XE
  • Airflow: 510 M3/H
  • Room size: 16 m2
  • Room size: 16 m3
  • Tank size: 10 L
  • Dehum capacity: - L per day
  • Tank size: 10 L
  • BTU: -
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Honeywell TC10PM Evaporative Aircooler

  • Model: TC10PM
  • Airflow: 330 M3/H
  • Room size: 11 m2
  • Room size: 11 m3
  • Tank size: 10 L
  • Dehum capacity: - L per day
  • Tank size: 10 L
  • BTU: -
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IMPORTANT: All our products are EU plug type C.

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