Quilo ventilates, purifies, humidifies and cools the air

It is an air cooler, purifier, humidifier and fan in one. It regulates your indoor climate in all seasons.

The Quilo Aviance, the first 4-in-1 indoor climate device to hit the market

The new Quilo Aviance is a 4-in-1 comfort device that optimally regulates the climate in your home. It is an air cooler, purifier, humidifier and fan in one. It regulates your indoor climate in all seasons and ensures optimal, healthy air quality. Ideal for families and home workers.

With the evaporative cooling in the Aviance you can enjoy refreshing, cool air during the hot summer months. The air cooler turns warm dry air into a cool breeze in an instant.

Three-stage air purifier

The three-stage air purifier captures pollutants with the 300 CADR purification system which consists of a TRUE HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and UV light cleaning. Thanks to the UV-C lamp, 99.9% of the viruses, bacteria and pathogens that pass through it are immediately destroyed. The device comes with three interchangeable cartridges, for air purification, cooling and humidification. This is a patented invention of Quilo. Integrated sensors automatically activate each mode when the cartridge is changed.

Quilo-2-viewThe Quilo Aviance’s humidifier regulates the humidity in the room. This way you prevent irritating dryness and static air in the house. It helps relieve dry skin, dry throat, nasal irritation and dry cough.

The powerful tower fan provides natural air ventilation. The Aviance is lightweight, portable and mobile. This way you can easily place it in any desired space. It also has an ice compartment for extra cooling and a timer that comes in handy when you go away for a while. The device is whisper quiet and has low energy consumption.

In short: the Quilo Aviance is a device for all seasons. In the summer it cools your house, in the spring and autumn it cleans the air during the allergy months and in the winter it humidifies the dry air.

Quilo Aviance

About Quilo The American brand Quilo® is an emerging innovative brand in the field of air comfort technology. Its mission is to design and manufacture holistic and sustainable products for the home. With high-tech professionalism and a lot of passion, Quilo creates climate-friendly products that strike a balance between high performance and energy efficiency.

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IMPORTANT: All our products are EU plug type C.

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